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What is vBookz?

vBookz is an extraordinary ebook reader that actually reads for you. It displays books with speech ability interface features for the most rich experience available.

iPad, iPhone & iPod version...

The magical magnifying glass.

Swipe the magnifying glass and vBookz will start reading to you, follow the magnifying glass while the book read, drag the magnifying glass to set a new reading point or flip pages using a swipe gesture, change text size, select a different font, select day or night mode, search inside the book.

Your own Docs. aloud

By using three easy steps, you can now upload with vBookz any text and listen to it aloud.

The revolutionary ‘dyslexie’ font.

Learn more about dyslexie, the font that ease reading for people with dyslexia.

Your endless library content

vBookz supports your non DRMed ePub books and the an enormous amount of over 30,000 free classics from project Gutenberg.

Great sounding voices
Listen herevBookz_languages.html

Read your books for you.

No extra hassle.


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