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The revolutionary new font for vBookz

Dyslexie was designed to make life easier for readers of dyslexia. The font has been created by Christian Boer, a graphic designer with dyslexia, specifically to enhance the reading experience for dyslexic people, using everything we know about how dyslexia affects perception of letters and words.


The final design of the Dyslexie font is the result of years of advanced research and development. It looks great, but more importantly, it's been proven to work.

In 2012 there has been a survey research under 8 schools and 250 home and work users of the typeface Dyslexie, with good results.

Read for yourself and download the survey research here.

According to independent research by the University of Twente in the Netherlands, the Dyslexie font improves the readability of text.

The study found that people with dyslexia achieved higher scores on the “one-minute test” when using Dyslexie. Download the report here.

Faster, easier reading with fewer errors: that's the Dyslexie effect.

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Watch what makes dyslexie so special for people with dyslexia?


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