vBookz PDF Voice Reader

vBookz PDF Voice Reader for the iMac, adds orientation and navigation tools that enhances the reading experience on your iMac and your MacBook.

vBookz Free Audiobooks

Books can finally talk. The groundbreaking vBookz Free Audiobooks voice reader reads your endless ePub books aloud.

vBookz PDF Voice Reader

The most amazing PDF app reader yet.

vBookz PDF Voice Reader is an app that read all of your PDF mobile files aloud.

vBookz PDF Slides

vBookz Slides is a simple and elegant PDF presentation app which helps you present PDFs with page switching effects and a ‘laser pointer’.


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Magical apps that read aloud


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vBookz OCR Scanner

The ultimate PDF to true text PDF converter app.

vBookz PDF OCR Scanner is a free tool

to handle PDF text.

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