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vBookz PDF Voice reader is available now for the iMac and the MacBook family and can actually read for you.

It displays PDF documents with speech ability interface features for the most rich experience available.

The famous

Magical Magnifying Glass

Use the ‘Play’ button to make vBookz start reading to you.  Follow the magnifying glass while the PDF document is being read. Drag the magnifying glass to set a new reading point.

A brand new self adjusted magnifying glass was implemented.

Knob slider

The knob has two functionalities:

  1. 1.While the text is been read, it becomes a live time line indicator.

  2. 2.Second, In order to jump to other pages, you may slide the knob to the right or to the left.

Dynamic thumbnails

A fantastic new experience of page navigation.

While moving the knob slider, a page thumbnail is popping up above it.

Classical view

vBookz PDF Voice Reader for the Mac, support the classical thumbnails view as you know it. While you reads on one page, it helps you to plan your reading on other pages.

The iMac/iBook version support English US only.

A better user experience has guided us to create those features. if you need more features, email us.

 HOW TO CREATE A PDF FILEvBookz_PDF_Tutorials.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0

First get the

Mac App Store

See how

Words Per Minute counter

Decrease Reading Speed

Time From Start

Location Indicator knob

More Settings Button

Word Counter

Adjustable Speed Needle

Increase Reading Speed

End Time Indicator

Play /Pause Button



iMAC computers family

OS family

Version 1.2.1

To adjust more settings, click on the little red arrow and the control panel will drop down

  1. 1.‘Voice chooser’

  1. 2.“Volume’ control button

  1. 3.“Page view size” zoom button

  1. 4.Another click on the little Green arrow, and the “drawer” will close back itself.

When reading, the control panel fades away.

The extra control panel

What’s New in

vBookz PDF voice reader?

  1. Uses Mac’s genuine internal voices.

  2. Drag on icon will open any PDF in vBookz.

  3. In order to change listening start point, you will be able to drag the amazing magnifying glass to any word on the page.

  4. Support for encrypted PDFs, except Acrobat LiveCycle Designer.

  5. Display page thumbnails.

How to create your own PDF ?...