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Simple to use,

Open any PDF with vBookz.

vBookz PDF Voice Reader, reads any ‘true text’ PDF aloud.

True text is a layer of recognizable fonts which allow vBookz to read to you aloud.

Every word processor has a PDF export option.

Thanks to Mac OS X, you can create a PDF in seconds.

The three steps above describes how easy it is.

Check our support page...


Choose Print from the File menu.

Click the drop-down PDF menu and choose Save as PDF.

Enter a file name, and click Save.

Now, drag it over vBookz’s icon, and thats it.

How is it possible to hear text aloud?

Speech synthesis is the artificial production of human speech. A computer system used for this purpose called a speech synthesizer, and implemented in software or hardware.

A text-to-speech (TTS) system converts normal language text into speech; other systems render symbolic linguistic representations like phonetic transcriptions into speech.

How to convert a ‘scanned image’ text into a vBookz readable one?

vBookz PDF Voice Reader has no OCR (Optical Character Recognition software) service in it.

We recommend to try which is a Free Online OCR service that allows you to convert scanned PDF and images (jpg, bmp) into editable Word, Text, Excel, PDF, Html output formats.

Try OCR online here

If you have a lot of these to convert? We recommend ABBYY for conversion and Adobe Reader Pro for optimizing.

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