vBookz PDF Slides


vBookz PDF Slides

Bookz Slides is a simple and elegant PDF presentation app built for the iPhone and the iPad. It’s intuitive, simple and most powerful . An amazing presentation app which helps you present PDFs with a Power Point look and feel including page switching effects and a ‘laser pointer’.

vBookz Slides is the perfect app if you’re looking to hook up your iPhone and iPad to your Apple TV. It’s feature-rich, brings excellent support for PDF files (it doesn’t support other formats yet).

by using a one time in app purchase, vBookz Slides lets you mark on the screen to highlight, show or indicate and even to control the page switching effects. These are a nifty little features that makes presenting using the iPhone and the iPad such a great experience.

Main Features

■ Requires AirPlay support - stream presentation slides to Apple TV

■ PDF Presentation mode

■ Library managing tools

■ Super fast PDF display

■ Support to display PDF as slides in 4:3 or wide 16:9 screen aspect ratio

Presentation Features

■ Mirror display from iPhone and iPad

■ Arrows for page switching and control

■ “Laser Pointer” function - Available only with In App purchase

■ Page switching special effects - Available only with In App purchase

■ "Slide Navigator" for easy preview of your next slides

■ Horizontal position, for a full-screen display mode

■ Presentation timer

PDF Managing Features

■ Download files from Dropbox and Google Drive

■ Using the ‘Open In’ function, open PDF mail attachments directly from your email

■ Edit features with - move, rename, delete, mail out or organise on local folders

■ Thumbnails are shown in three different library modes

Support PDF File Type

We’re an independent PDF experts, please note that PowerPoint and Keynote files are NOT yet supported.

Air your

PDF files

Present PDFs with page switching effects and a ‘laser pointer’.


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