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Many teachers today provide learning content that is in PDF format, which can be difficult to access for special needs high school students. vBookz PDF Voice Reader makes accessing these files easy and even fun.

Best of Skolappar 2012

I Vote for an app to make a simple, intuitive multimodal book for all ages and all subjects.

vBookz PDF Voice Reader is an app to receive texts read aloud with voices in pdf format. For those with dyslexia, or for those who have difficulty concentrating.

The app gives you a selection that follows the text as it is read. Everyone can benefit from this app at some point in life, eg students with reading difficulties or who want to be able to more easily focus on the text, or want to read faster.

The included text-to-speech voices sound good and are easy to understand.

The assistive technology centre has chosen vBookz PDF Reader as their app of the week. This is a revolutionary App that allows read alouds of PDF documents on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone - in 16 different languages. Click HERE for details.

“Do you hope that the files can speak out by itself like in the magical kingdom? Do you want to choose the male or female voices when listening to the PDFs? Do you even want to choose the English, English UK or other languages when the PDF speak? Why not try vBookz PDF Voice Reader US? It can satisfy your wish.”


“vBookz took iBooks' look, adding a few flourishes like ribbon bookmarks, and gave it the gift of text-to-speech.”

“text-to-speech is profoundly useful, and vBookz has done a fine job of giving it content and polish for the iPad.”

"a life-changer...in your pocket"


“vBookz doesn’t need to store massive audio files”.


“vBookz is NOT ‘books on tape’: it is a live text-to-speech generator”.


“vBookz is a pretty cool little application”.


“vBookz reads your books for you without all the extra hassle.

For children learning to speak and read or the visually impaired the vBookz app offers an innovative read along male/female voice synthesizer that can be toggled on/off”.


“li audiolibri sono uno dei piaceri della lettura digitale: oggi come mai in passato è diventato facile ascoltare un libro in situazioni in cui non potremmo leggerlo. vBooks è un lettore di testi in formato ePub con motore di conversione text-to-speech incorporato.

Christopher Peri Ph.D.
App Of The Week
Assistive Technology


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